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Lash training refresher 


One day 4 hour hands on training course to learn NEW lashing techniques for your clients! 

Are you a certified or licensed lash technician? If so, this one day hands on training class is perfect for you! You'll have 4 hours of hands on training to learn some of our amazing techniques that keep our clients coming. We will cover Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Megas during this class. You'll also be able to work with our amazing lash trays, tweezers and more! After this course you will receive 15% OFF your entire purchase for our lash supplies. 

What to expect...

Hands on training with a model (not provided)

You get to pick whichever set you'd like to focus on and i'll share my techniques such as the inner and outer corner application, placement, how to dip the glue for longer retention, fanning, and so much more. 

Eyelash Implants


$250 deposit required

The classic + hybrid + volume lash training is a two day course for experienced lash technicians who want to perfect their hybrid + volume sets with our amazing techniques that will leave your clients speechless and wanting to return. This course covers lash fanning techniques, retention, placement and more. You'll receive a starter kit to practice perfecting your lash fans while maintaining that retention for your client satisfaction.  

- Lash certefication
- Theory booklet
- Starter kit (lash supplies)
- Hands on training (doll head+live model)
- 15% off lash supplies
- On going support 
Adding Lashes

Classic + Hybrid + Volume

lash training 





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