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Meet Christina My

I live by the quote "be your own kind of beautiful" because I believe every women is beautiful in their own way. It took years for me to feel beautiful in my own skin. I've struggled to feel beautiful because of my lazy eye, and I personally think a woman's best feature are her eyes. What helped build my confidence are strip lashes. Not only does it make my lazy eye look less noticeable but I feel most confident when I have big bold lashes to enhance the beauty of my brown eyes. I know strip lashes don't work for everyone, and that is why i chose to pursue my career in lash extensions. For four years I have been helping women feel confident and beautiful by offering this service. I want to expand my horizon and offer strip lashes, as well as lash lifts. Every woman is different and I believe one of the three will have you feeling and looking beautiful as you believe you are. After all you are what you believe. My goal  is to find a solution for women like me, who don't feel comfortable in their own skin. I want to help you get a step closer to gaining the confidence you already have within you! There's no better way to start than with the eyes. It could be strip lashes, extensions, or something as simple as  a lash lift. Self love is so important and I want every woman to love themselves the way I've learned to.